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Equine-Guided Personal Growth & Discovery

Ravenheart  Farms

Equine-Assisted Learning Centre & Retreat

Welcome to Ravenheart Equine Learning Centre & Retreat, where we offer transformative equine-assisted learning, wellness, and life coaching experiences. 


Immerse yourself in nature, explore workshops, and discover the profound connection between humans and horses for a journey of growth and empowerment. 

Where Humans and Horses Unite

Ravenheart Services, Retreats & Offerings

Since 2007, we've explored the world of equine wisdom, learning from inspiring teachers through workshops, webinars, and certifications. Join us on this transformative journey of coaching with horses, healing, and more—an ongoing story of learning and connection.

Popular Events


A serene weekend retreat where you can unwind in nature, indulge in your favorite reads, and connect with like-minded women by the fireside. This rustic escape offers effortless wellness, taking care of every detail for a rejuvenating experience.

Writer's Retreat

A tailored weekend designed for budding writers seeking inspiration and guidance. Whether crafting a memoir, personal essay, or poetry, this workshop ignites your passion and paves the way for your writerly aspirations.

Nutrition, Cooking & Fun



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Engage, learn, and grow with our upcoming events.

Moments with Horses

Ravenheart Gallery

Discover moments of beauty and connection as you browse our gallery, capturing the genuine interactions between humans and horses.

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