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He’s not the easiest to photograph as you can see. We think it’s all part of his allure and charm.

Merlin (aka Max) was adopted from Blackbird Ranch Equine Rescue and Rehab in the fall of 2018. He made the journey to Ravenheart from Manitoba with Feather, who’ll you meet another Wednesday. At the time they estimated his age to be somewhere between 18 and 20. Not much was known about his life, just that he needed a soft place to land. To this day Merlin and Feather are very bonded, always seeking each other out if they feel uncertain.

He is very shy and wary of humans, yet we’ve discovered he loves to be stroked softly and brushed once he is haltered gently and quietly. Our friend and savvy horse woman Judith Graile is pictured here with Merlin while working with him this fall.

Merlin gets his needs met without a lot of fuss and drama. He moves amongst the herd with a quiet confidence and stealthy manner. This works for his success in not missing out on a treat or the best hay pile. He’s not a pushover and can stand his ground if necessary, and yet he rarely sees a need to waste his energy causing any trouble. In other words, he lives in harmony and peace, as this tiny but wise equine knows, it is the best way to live.

Merlin has a kind and wise presence that you can feel in your heart. His coat is a rich, soft, velvety black. He’s much like a large stuffed animal that you just want to cuddle and sink your fingers into his plush coat. We trust that with a little more patience and time, he’ll allow a bit more of that attention. As an Elder in our herd, and an unknown backstory, we’ll respect his need for space and provide comfort and care as best as we can, on his terms.

JB's Story

JB, one of our client, wrote a story about Merlin as a human...

Merlin has been waiting patiently the past few weeks, knowing his story by JB was coming next. And here it is. He listened attentively while munching hay, especially when JB played his special theme song Rises the Moon - linked below

Age : Early 20's

Height : 4'11

Job : Gardener

Appearance : Merlin has dark toned skin, his hair is the color black and his eyes are chocolate brown. He doesn't usually wear his hair up or anything though he does keep it cut short so it doesn't get in the way of his gardening, I'd say his hair is about up to half his neck. So not entirely touching his shoulder but not far away from it.

Personality : Merlin is very, very shy. He grew up in a place where he wasn't treated properly which made him shy, introverted and doesn't really fancy being around large crowds much like his best friend Feather – despite this, very very slowly he is coming out of his shell and more of his personality is coming out. He's very passionate about his hobbies, likes and dislikes, and he tends to be quite stubborn if you try to sway him to do something or form a different opinion. Despite that he is still willing to hear your opinion and won't judge you if you have a different opinion from him.

Merlin is best friends with Feather, a childhood friend that he'd always go to the park with, get ice cream with, or just generally hang out. Feather came from a similar situation to Merlin so they are particularly stuck together like glue. Many people in the town often mistake them for siblings which they don't mind at all! Merlin sees Feather as somewhat of a protector figure.

Style : Merlin's style is quite simple; he's usually seen wearing a pair of dirty overalls with something simple like a black shirt and black pants. If he's not in the garden he'll probably wear something like a shirt, button up shirt and jeans, slightly too big for extra detail.

likes : soft, calming music, the quiet, sunsets, writing and or journaling

dislikes : loud places or noises, bugs, early mornings, repeated sounds (pen clicks, clock ticking, etc.)

hobbies : gardening, practicing guitar, tending to the house plants, star gazing

backstory : Merlin didn't join the group home as a child or teenager but as an adult; he liked the idea of having a group of people that you could consider family, plus he liked that many of the other people that were there came from tough backgrounds or just wanted to be there to help children in need or to comfort children in need. In the group home some people stay, some people leave, some people still need time to think about it. Though the main 8 live there permanently (Feather, Merlin, Navarro, Sugar, Mystic, Jasper, Legolas Mr. Scirocco) they are all still open to welcome new people. The founder of the group home, Raven, unfortunately passed away, however they still keep the "business" going out of a form of respect and gratefulness. Besides that, Merlin doesn't exactly remember much of his backstory besides being childhood friends with Feather, he doesn't really like talking about it because it's just a genuinely uncomfortable topic, but everyone there makes sure everyone is comfortable so nobody pushes!

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