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“Before I loved horses, I had nothing to live for.  Now I love horses and can’t stop seeing things to live for.”

Author Unknown


Lacey Lacey is our sweet “Princess Pony”. She is intelligent, sassy, and beautiful, and she uses these qualities to the fullest! She is the finest...

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Willow Willow is the Shape Shifter of the Ravenheart herd. Generally, she is a wise, loving, sensitive and sweet little mare, the shy one of the...

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Spirit This is Spirit. We adopted him from a neighbour at 10 years old. He was still a stallion and seriously overweight. He lived with a family but...

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Charlie harlie has been the very best friend for 14 years. Our friend Christine was visiting Ravenheart shortly after I moved to the original...

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Rosie Rosie joined our family of 4-legged friends in the spring of 2019. She had just turned 7 months old and had been raised or fostered by our...

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Elmo Here is Elmo. He lived a good long life, using up all his 9 lives.He was here at the farm when we moved in. Previous owners said he was...

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Sarah Sarah (AKA Penny). Determined, bold, no-nonsense, cautious, protective leader, strong-willed, independent, smart, beautiful. We will all miss...

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Sugar Sugar is definitely the social butterfly! Curious, friendly, persistent, confident and steady, Sugar is the boss mare at Ravenheart , and...

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Carol Marriott

Carol Marriott Carol Marriott is a Certified Equine-Assisted Learning facilitator, a Certified Life Coach, Trauma-informed grief and loss...

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A lovely horse is always an experience…. It is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words.

Beryl Markham

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