Feather (AKA Raven)

I was scrolling through Facebook one day last September when a photo popped up of a dark mare named Raven at Blackbird Ranch Equine Rescue and Rehab located in Stonewall, Manitoba. Through the years we have received numerous calls from people who are wanting to rehome a horse. I consider all requests seriously, look at their pictures, and determine if they will be a good fit for our clients, our herd, and our resources (time, money, experienced care required).

Her face, name (because of our “original Raven” and namesake for Ravenheart Farms, and this description below compelled me to contact Blackbird Ranch, an action that I did not take lightly…

Raven is a beautiful little girl that came from an auction in October 2017. She is very fearful of people but slowly coming around. She will take treats from people and when she sees you coming will nicker to you. We have been working on gaining her trust. She is approx 2 years old and possibly a morgan cross. She was very thin coming into rescue but is blossoming 🙂 She watches you interact with other horses and we believe this is helping her along. Last week we were able to pet her neck and shoulder without halter or lead.

After speaking with Corrinne at Blackbird Ranch, I slept on it and called them the next day to make arrangements to adopt her. The trip to Ravenheart from Blackbird Ranch would take at least 6 hours. I thought about Raven leaving a herd she was comfortable with, and people she was learning to trust, for a very long drive all alone, and a brand new herd and people. I had spent a bit of time looking at all of their horses and ponies for adoption and saw a couple of ponies I thought might be a good companion for Raven and for our herd. I inquired about Pudge and Max. Pudge had a pending adoption, so you’ll meet Max below.