We call him our mini-Friesian. Max is an “aged” miniature horse with a coal-black coat who moves in the trot like a fancy Friesian horse. Max joined Feather on the journey to Ravenheart from Blackbird Ranch Equine Rescue and Sanctuary. We know very little about his history except that he came to Blackbird Ranch from a neighbour no longer able to care for him. Max is clever, wary, and very independent. He does really well in our herd and yet we often find him grazing alone in another area of the pasture. This habit sometimes worries me as I go out and don’t find him with the other horses. A quick call though brings him running.

We have a ways to go in getting both Feather and Max comfortable being handled and building trust with people. We’ve given them a year to settle in not asking a lot of them. Now it is time to find ways through clicker training and positive reinforcement methods to help them along and giving them the best life we can.