Minature Horse Mystic

You want me to do what?

Mystic is still considered the baby of the herd, although she will be 7 in April 2016.  Well, at least us adults still treat her like the baby, but she certainly holds her own with the bigger horses. Mystic came to Ravenheart as a one-month-old orphan foal and found loving new adoptive parents in Sugar and Raven.  They, along with Carol, and the help of Kate O’Reilly, a Wwoofer from the UK (Worldwide Workers on Organic Farms), made sure that Mystic would grow up strong, happy, healthy and a respectful member of the team. Mystic loves to play.  She loves working with children and youthful-spirited folks.  She sees in them a need to play and have fun.  In addition to her love of joy, she is a very intelligent and a highly capable horse. She isn’t afraid of anything and loves to learn new things. She especially loves agility!  She is often seen in the fields entertaining herself as the older ones look on…until they eventually join her in her games.

Minature Horse Mystic as a baby

Baby Mystic