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The Gentle Way with Horses

Aug. 16 - 18 Discover The Gentle Way with Horses Equine Synergy with Judith Graile

Service Description

Come and join us for an opportunity to bond with horses, immerse yourself in nature alongside kindred spirits, and gain insights into horse communication, learning how to truly listen and understand them. With over 25 years of experience in the equestrian field, Judith has cultivated a deep understanding of horse behavior and training techniques. She integrates her own work and findings , refined over the years, along with training with some of the world’s best horsemen including Monty Roberts and Jean-Francois Pignon. Her passion for horses led her to establish Parkland Ranch in Manitoba where she offered a variety of services including horseback riding lessons, equine-assisted wellness, and natural horsemanship training. Judith's dedication to promoting the welfare of both horses and riders is evident in her commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for all. Judith practices Gentle Horsemanship which is based on communication in the language that the horse understands. This language is part body language and part energy exchange, something we humans were born with but lost it through education, rules and too much logical thinking. Working with horses will bring back your natural instincts - it is awakening, inspiring, refreshing, playful, and a lot of fun! We will play with the horses on a horse playground, take them on walks, and relax beside the campfire with great food in the evenings. On Friday at 4 pm we’ll get together with a meet and greet to discuss your goals and introduce the schedule of the retreat. On Saturday morning Judith will teach the theory of the horse language and in the afternoon you will have some hands-on experience to practice what you have learned. Beginning with a short theory lesson on Sunday we will dive right into hands-on with the horses and finish our day with a Q & A and a closing circle. All meals and accommodation are included. Meals include a choice between Judith’s healthy, plant-based options and/or vegetarian fare. Please also let us know if you have allergies or specific requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you. Your retreat package covers meals, materials and accommodations. Please contact Carol directly to confirm your accommodations. No horse experience necessary, no riding involved. $495 cabin or Duck Mountain Motel with shuttle provided $395 tent or RV on site $275 if local Save 10% if registered before July 31 Aug. 16 - 18

  • $495 see description

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