Sugar is definitely the social butterfly! Curious, friendly, persistent, confident and steady, Sugar is the boss mare at Ravenheart , and Raven was the love of her life. (See Raven’s story below). Sugar arrived at Ravenheart as a one and a half-year-old filly. The day her owners Joe, Alaina, and Paul trailered her over is still clear in my mind. This sweet and brave little mare stepped carefully off the trailer and calmly followed me to the paddock to meet Raven over the fence. It was love at first sight. As a 4 day old filly, Sugar had an accident in the pasture where she received a serious injury to her face (a kick from another horse, or possibly from running into something like a post), just below her right eye. Fortunately, her sight was not damaged but she lost her tear duct so she always looks like she’s shedding tears from that eye. She connects deeply and lovingly from her heart.

“Sugar is one of the most loving, caring horses I have ever met, with such a beautiful energy around her. She is inquisitive in a healthy way, she will come up and check out what is going on (usually after Flicka has done some reconnaissance work!take this out) and will gently nudge you or even, when she knows you, rub her head on your back or front. She has a big, strong, heavy head so you have to always be present and aware and focus when she is around you (and not only with her, with all the horses) because she means well, she likes people and she is always there for you to give her a hug, especially if you are having a down day – she will give you as much healing energy of hers as you need. If she moves away during that time, again, don’t take it personally. It is very easy to feel a special bond with Sugar.”

Norman McIntyre