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What did we do well?
Everything.  Truly.  I instantly felt sheltered, supported, able to slow and let go and just be. Carol provided such a gentle space.  The space felt truly "held" if that makes sense , with a gentle yet supportive and directed guidance.
Ample time, awesome resources for self nourishment and discovery as well as reflection .  The benches and chairs in different spots were perfect.
The food was phenomenal.  I loved that it was not only delicious but also good for us!!! Everything was such good quality.  I know what that takes in time and prep and planning.  It meant so much. Thank you again. Yummmmmm. I'm still thinking about it!!!
The exercises with our group and the horses were explained simply and clearly. I liked the small group. And the variety of individual and team exercises. I always felt safe and comfortable doing what I needed to do for myself in each situation.  I also felt safe trusting Macy was safe, so I could step back.  It was good to learn from the group and also from  Carol and how she so effortlessly and in such a truly gifted way facilitated.
I felt that Carol went absolutely above and beyond in every way and that we were just so loved and supported .
The cabins were a dream.  We really loved everything about them.  Favorites: the kettle, the awesome books, the crystals , the cozy bedding... Every thing. Especially getting to wake up and look out at the horses. Knowing they were right there with there gentle , magical healing presence.
Last but not least, the horses..... I'm still in awe and feel such a deep sense of emotional healing from them.  I can't even begin to explain it.  I don't really understand it to try to.  All I know, is where there used to be deep, old, clenching fear and anxiety - is now emptied and was filled with love, assurance, comfort and connection.  A deep sense of belonging  and love.  Interestingly, I've approached 3 different horses since, on two different occasions , and using Carols wisdom and guidance tools, I was able to move into their presence and have a beautiful , calm, fearless exchange.  Wow.  That's amazing.
What can we do to enhance the experience ?
Nothing.  Really. I would have loved for us to stay longer :) but that's out of love and comfort and good company.  Macy would have stayed for good!!
Level of satisfaction (1-10 scale)

A few words about my experience .
Our time at Ravenheart Farm was a gift from Heaven above.  The extra chair confirmed that.  I felt such deep emotional healing on so many different levels.  I will never truly understand it all.  But I know what I feel- a deep sense of calm and safety.  Renewed hope.  Appreciation and acceptance.  The horses and Carol modelled these things for me and are helping me integrate them into my daily inner and outer life.  Sara still comes to me .  Her presence grounding, supporting and guiding me.  Thank you Ravenheart heart farm and all its beings. May you be filled with loving kindness, may you be peaceful and at ease, may you be happy, may you be well.

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