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Our time at Ravenheart Farm was a gift from Heaven above. instantly felt sheltered, supported, able to slow and let go and just be. Carol provided such a gentle space.  The space felt truly "held" if that makes sense , with a gentle yet supportive and directed guidance.

Amy Popick

There is no more wonderful a place or more spirit based people to support the awakening of young hearts and minds through an EAL experience at Ravenheart Farms.

Charley S Edward

Ravenheart Farm is a picturesque retreat in the peaceful prairie lands of Saskatchewan. Carol Marriott, the owner, is a woman with huge enthusiasm, energy, compassion and imagination. She has used these gifts to create a magical retreat at Ravenheart.

Kate OReilly

“The accommodations were perfect. The hosts made sure I was looked after in all details of my stay. The perfect space was created for my sessions (energetically included). The spaces were safe for me to speak my truths and safe physically. Carol was confident in leading me through my issues and she did a great job holding space and trusting her intuition.”

Kelly Painter

I had a chance to expereince Ravenheart through work and what she does is changes people's lives. People draw on their own existing compassion, patience and desire to learn about something they may otherwise not have had a chance to. She helps families learn together because she embraces connectedness. She has a kind gentle spirit and people embrace her passion. Thank-you for the experience...hope to come out again someday soon ♥.


Ravenheart is more than just a farm. Those who get the chance to spend a few weeks at Ravenheart understand what I mean. It takes only a few days and you feel as a part of the “big farm family”.
Ravenheart is for me like a little cosmos – discovered from Carol is it a place who is changing and developing every day by Carol, her friends and the visitors from all over the world.
The decision to work at Ravenheart is a life changing experience - at least this was it for me."

Sandra (WWOOFER)

You were wonderful with providing me the right amount of guidance to feel safe and to understand what was happening. I appreciated your unbiased feedback as to what I was communicating and what the horses were communicating back to me. I felt completely unjudged and I felt comfortable talking with you about things in my life.

S. B.

 I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful, unforgettable time at Ravenheart. It’s even been more special than I had imagined – it was like entering a different world – a world that has opened its doors to me, a world where there’s light and love and where dreams do come true.


There have been so many empowering, positive, wonderful changes in my life since I started working with my life coach Carol. Her coaching has given me the inspiration and the tools to explore all areas of my life and to start to create the life I was meant to live. Thank you Carol.

B. W.

Carol's presence in itself is healing salve. She is genuine, loving and wise; visionary and courageous with gorgeous humility. Ravenheart is a beautiful mix of the essence of her, the horses, and Mother Earth.

Patti Gera


What our clients say

Here are some of our customers' testimonials. We hope they'll help you to think ahead and give the Ravenheart Way a try! Happy reading!

It was very welcoming and warm right from the minute I arrived.  Carol made me feel at home. 

Because I was there just for a day, my goal this time was just to get away from the city and become one with nature and animals and that was accomplished.

D. M.

Professional, knowledgeable, resourceful and inspirational in every single possible way

Dace Sevcuna

Carol and the herd encompass a complete balance of love, integrity, support and genuine compassion for all.

Catlin Landriault

Carol Marriott , Big beautiful heart-centerd life. Filled with celebration, joy and fellowship. To spend time with Carol, you get reminded of who and what you really are : A " seed of Love" with plenty time to grow into your Self! Positive Energies fill this space towards the greater good.

Christine Dawn Devine

Thank you for the absolute privilege of spending time with your horses. What a gift they are to share with others. I came ready to learn, heal and grow and thought I could only do that through tears and pain. Instead I found out I could grow and heal and learn through fun, love and laughter – not pain! Thank you for showing me that!

Horses, Spirit & Play participant

Connection with mind, body and spirit. Life enriching. Freedom of speech encouraged. Listening deeply and collaborating, clarifying.

Horses, Spirit & Play participant

I can't begin to tell you how my time at Ravenheart has changed me.  I was able to make a connection with myself that I never seemed to be able to reach.  Thank you so very much for the opportunity to 'find that' in myself.

Workshop participant

The Peace of Ravenheart

What I find at Ravenheart is – in a word – peace.  Not just the peace of a quiet – almost silent – setting miles away from the chaos of the city (although that is what Ravenheart offers); not just the peace of prairie farm land, rich black soil, soft crops rippling in the breeze like an ocean and a sky as vast as your imagination; not just the peace of exquisite hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower, or thousands of snow geese rising in unison from the golden stubble of an autumn field; not just the peace of an old owl calling eerily from the protective shelter belt of native trees and shrubs that has embraced this land for generations. 


What I find at Ravenheart is all that …and more.

Lynne Palmer Communication

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