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During my participation at Primal Fire and Horses, Spirit and Play I witnessed Carol and Susan being careful operators of the exercises in which they use the horses and all other equipment and workshop space.  With Carol’s leadership and guidance, full instructions are given so every being is safe during the drills.  Carol has many years of experience with horses and I feel that she knows her herd well enough that if there was a chance of danger, she could sense that.

Carol allows the people to learn from their experiences at the farm and she has grace and tact when it comes time to have the participants identify their own information from what the exercises just showed them.  Carol can use her intuitiveness to her advantage while the exercises are being performed and she is always willing to allow spirit to guide her which provides flexibility in the day.

My experience with Carol is always inspiring as she leads with her heart to teach the ones who stand in her presence.  She is an exceptional listener which is needed in order to help others learn their own language.

Carol has always been the grounding presence for spirit and with her open heart and acceptance of all beings she has created a sanctuary for the healing.

Susan’s love for all beings is deeply felt and she is very giving of herself to help others.  Susan often speaks of a desire to help children and have that be a part of her life experience.

This Duo is extremely powerful and I fully support and endorse their goals and objectives of Ravenheart Farms of helping all people who desire change in their lives while using the horses and farm to do so.  Ravenheart offers opportunity to Saskatchewan and beyond to search for the souls that have gone missing from within us.

Love and Light to all!

Kelly Painter, Owner/Operator Action Services, Humboldt, SK

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