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About Jasper

A warm hello to you from Jasper.

Jasper is a 15 year old Paint gelding adopted from Parkland Ranch (Manitoba) in the fall of 2016, where he was an easy going trail horse until he started to get footsore on longer rides. With his gentle, curious, and steady nature, Judith, owner of Parkland Ranch, thought he’d make a perfect addition to our equine-assisted learning team at Ravenheart. She was right!

Jasper is sensitive but grounded and steady. Some of our young guests will tell you that he has “sticky feet”. He’s not about to be pushed, or pulled, around. He needs to be convinced that you are kind, confident, and know where you are going.

He’s chosen often for his good looks and gentle eye. He likes to be included so he “volunteers” often.  He’s always first in line at the feed room, and starts the musical bowls once his is empty, moving everyone around for more bits for himself. For this reason we always put down an extra bowl so no one misses out.

Jasper loves to be brushed and doesn’t hesitate to ask for what he wants, even when he has already had a turn. We rarely tie our horses for grooming so they can choose to leave if they want to, but Jasper always asks for more.

Jasper gives people a sense of comfort and safety. He’s like a fun-loving dad, always ready to keep order and look out for his family, and yet can be charming, silly, and a reliable friend who you can trust and lean on for support. ♥

JB's Story

JB, one of our client, wrote a story about Jasper as a human...

His nickname would be Jaxson.

His age would be 16/17.

His height would be 6`0.

Jasper is definitely the dad type figure here. I think he'd give helpful advice and try to help you out in any way he can but at the same time I think much like mystic he doesn't let himself get pushed around. Despite having a dad-like personality he wants to see that you're kind, brave and loyal. He may give you small hints or goals to get there or to help you. Jasper is very compassionate and likes to go on road trips or go on about how much he likes this certain show or how busy his work has been. He's the type to be humorous and try to lighten up the room the best he can with his jokes, especially dad jokes, jasper loves making dad jokes in the house even if nobody finds them funny. He's best friends with sugar and often not still without her. Jasper has what they call 'professional yet relaxed long' hairstyle. His hair is mainly brown but he has some white stripes in his hair (that are not from old age!) jasper has very dark brown skin with freckles and brown chocolate colored eyes Jasper would have what I would like to call a 'ranch' style of clothing. I'd say it mostly consists of red and black plaid shirts, jeans, cowboy hats, leather jackets and leather shoes. I picked this style not only because I think it would go well with his colors but because I think he'd like the colors red, brown and black. It kinda reminds me of the memories of watching heartland when I was younger. The reason I also picked this style is because even if you didn't live on a ranch it gives me a ranch or out of the country kind of vibe. I think in a lot of ranch type TV shows or movies you see the people wearing those kinda clothes and I think that fits jasper. Jasper likes road trips, going hiking, apple flavored things, bird watching, touring places, having his hair brushed, mornings, coffee, cats and bird songs.

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