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Mystic says hello, and asks if you’ve brought any treats? She likes apples, pretzels, watermelon, carrots, and…if it’s edible, she’s not fussy.

In true Shetland Pony character, Mystic is small in stature (at least in height), strong willed, hardy and resilient, versatile, curious, intelligent, and spirited. She loves to learn and knows lots of tricks.

She was adopted from our neighbours after her mom died at just a month old, and raised by our original herd, Raven, Sugar, Lacey and Willow. Thankfully Mystic took to bucket feeding right away with milk replacer and was fed every few hours in the first week or so by Kate, our volunteer from the UK. The first couple of days were a bit worrisome, wondering how she might adjust without her mom, but in no time she was grazing alongside the others horses, and had been taught some manners in the herd by Raven, in a gentle but firm way.

Since 2010 she has known love and security from her horse and people friends, but deeply understands those who have lost a loved one, or many.

If Mystic had a message of comfort to those who are grieving, what do you think she might tell them? Here are some things we think she might say…

"I'm so sorry for your loss."

"I can't imagine what you're going through, but I'm here for you."

"It's okay to feel however you're feeling right now. Grieving is a natural process."

"Would you like to talk about your loved one? I'm here to listen."

"Take all the time you need. There's no rush to 'get over' this."

"Remember, you're not alone. I'm here to support you in any way I can."

"It's okay to cry or to feel angry. Your emotions are valid."

"I'm here to help with practical things too, like running errands or just being a shoulder to lean on."

"If you need some space, that's okay too. Just know that I'm thinking of you."

"Your loved one will always be remembered and cherished by those who loved them.”

JB's Story

JB, one of our client, wrote a story about Mystic as a human...

Her nickname is opti-mystic (as she is very optimistic).

Her age is 14 (as of 2023 April, I think).

Her height is 4'11.

Her personality is that she's a bit of a goofball, she tends to be quite humorous and tries to make a lot of jokes. She's the type of person to ask if you're gonna finish your food or if she can have it. She can get quite moody in summer when the bugs and mosquitoes are at their highest but she tries not to let it get to her so she doesn't accidentally get mad at her friends. She can be a bit of a pushover and tends to steal your food without asking first which can get her in a bit of trouble.

Her appearance is Mystic is a tan, skinned human, she has vitiligo patches on both her face and her skin. She has white and brown split hair, her bangs are white while the rest of her hair is brown, Mystic has semi long hair that she usually keeps tied up in a bun or some type of braid.

Her style is cottagecore, which is an aesthetic that focuses on simple living in the countryside. It encourages traditional things like baking bread, sewing clothes and gardening. The clothing style includes things like jeans, dresses, blouses and more. I think she'd like clothes that are soft, pretty and include patterns of white, chestnut, or even a dull frog green. She enjoys the cottagecore style because it gives her a feeling of nostalgia and the feeling of home, it reminds her of flower fields and having a cottage in a field full of flowers.

Her likes are salty foods (salted nuts, pretzels, ect), the color pink, barbie, calming soft music, flowers, shiny things (necklaces, jewels, you name it)

She dislikes hot summer days, bugs, being pushed around, sharing her food, the color green, loud or sudden noises, loud or obnoxious people

Her hobbies are knitting, ice skating, cooking plus baking, origami, birdwatching, collecting small objects, taking care of flowers

Her background is Mystic was found as an orphan child as both of her parents had died. She was found by two adults, sugar and raven. They decided to take the orphan child in and raven would only share his food with Mystic. Well, sugar was more of the foster mother who taught her what it was like to be a person. Mystic now lives in a group home with seven others. (sugar, feather, jasper, mr. scirocco, merlin, navarro and nicholas aka legolas) They sometimes have other people come and visit them. (clover, sparkle, olive and her brother.) Mystic's foster 'dad' raven has unfortunately passed away but mystic does not try to let that get her down, though she has her own ways of coping, rather it be doing one of her hobbies, writing her feelings down, talking to one of the other's or trying to distract herself from it. She never tries to let the past dwell.


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