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Fleet of foot and with a lively gaited trot, she is wonderful to watch move about the pasture. Her flowing mane enhances her beauty, when it isn’t full of sticks, hay, or burrs, as you can see in her pictures.

We’re unsure about Feather’s life before Ravenheart, other than she came to us as a 4 year old from Blackbird Ranch Equine Rescue and Rehab, along with her pal Merlin (aka Max). We know they pulled her from an auction and that she needed lots of groceries. That is what she got in their care, and so much more!

As I was scrolling their adoption site one day, up popped her beautiful face, and the hook for me was that her name was Raven. How could I just scroll by? As you may know, Raven is the namesake for Ravenheart, my very first horse, and he went over the rainbow bridge in the fall of 2011. Their personalities and looks were quite similar.

Our herd was much smaller at the time. Due to age and health issues, we had also lost our Sarah, Willow, and Lacey.

We say no to many horses. I can’t imagine going to an auction, but we help as we can. As a wise friend once told me, just do what is in front of you to do. It’s a heart breaking world out there.

Well, there she was…right in front of me. Feather (aka Raven). Within a few short days, here she was, along with her pal Merlin. How could I ask her to travel all those hours without a companion!

We are far from horse trainers here, but we are dedicated and compassionate horse caretakers. This is why friends (and gentle horse trainers) like Judith Graile are invaluable to us. While Feather requires more consistent training, increased confidence, and faith in her capacity to trust, we are committed to her progress, just as we are committed to our own. Like Feather, we all carry our own scars, fears, and insecurities, yet within each of us is wholeness.

She appreciates choices, hands off interactions, mineral blocks she can break with her hooves, respect, personal space, companionship, and enjoyable company. How about you?

JB's Story

JB, one of our client, wrote a story about Feather as a human...

Name : Feather

Age : 7

Height : 6'0

Appearance : Feather has a 'bronze' skin tone, she has curly, black hair that covers her eyes and goes up to about her nose. Feather has brown eyes, she doesn't style her hair much but on the rare occasions she'll put her hair up in a ponytail (both down or up) or braid it into something nice.

Personality : Feather is very timid, out of all the eight people that live in the group home Feather is definitely the most shy out of all of them. Feather is timid and shy because she was rescued from a bad situation, however, despite her shyness Feather is slowly beginning to trust people and talk to them, at first she didn't talk to anyone and stayed away from most of the other's but now Feather has begun watching how the others interact and has started to realize that not everyone is cruel. Feather is best friends with Merlin and they both almost never leave each other's side, they were both in the same situation together and both rescued together so they sorta just stay together! Feather and Merlin are what you consider 'best friends that are stuck like glue.”  Feather definitely shares most of her things with Merlin and they both share a timid personality!

Style : Feather has a pretty laid back style meaning that she doesn't exactly wear anything fancy. She usually wears clothes that are baggy and a bit big on her (sweaters, T-shirts, pants) though on the rare occasion she will wear jewelry and maybe even decorate her hair with beads. She mainly wears things that are grey, black, red or white and solid colored as she's not that big of a fan of patterns or fancy scenes. Feather likes gold necklaces or marble bracelets, she also quite enjoys things that have fruit themes despite not liking patterns that much.

likes : plants, cats, weighted blankets, hanging out with Merlin, personal space, animal documentaries, music.

dislikes : loud noises, loud people, crowds, people who don't respect your space, bright lights.

hobbies : taking care of plants, art, paper crafts, volleyball.

backstory : Feather was taken away from a cruel situation in which to put it lightly she wasn't treated well. She was put in a system where they took care of her and made sure she was healthy again. Then one day the group home took in feather, they explained that they were very understanding and understood if she needed time alone and never pressured her to do anything if she didn't want to. Feather is very grateful that the people in the home respect her personal space and let her do her own thing. She originally came with another person, Merlin, and they knew they were bonded like siblings so they didn't separate them and took in both Merlin and feather. Merlin and Feather are best buddies and are seen doing almost everything together. Feather especially likes Merlin because they're pretty much the same, for sure they definitely have their differences as every person does, but Feather finds comfort in having a friend that is quite similar to her!


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