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Mr. Sirocco

This handsome gentleman was born in Florida and as he is an OTTB (Off The Track Thoroughbred), he made his way to Winnipeg as a young race horse on the Canadian Thoroughbred racing circuit. What a culture shock eh!

How he arrived at Ravenheart is another story. So to make the story a bit shorter here, he showed up in the yard one late winter day. He was making friends with our herd over the fence, and leaving a trail of blood from a fresh injury on his ankle (or fetlock in horse anatomy terms).

We rounded him up, which was no trouble for this friendly guy, treated him and then fed and cared for him for 3 weeks or so as we tracked down where he had escaped from. Turns out he was at a neighbours being tried out for their young teens and being the only horse on the property I guess he got lonely, wandered away and found our friendly herd to hang out with.

Our friend Kelly Painter met him during this time and their hearts connected. We eventually found his owner, where he returned to live (see the poem I wrote at the time in the comments), until a couple years later we got the call…”would you like to buy a horse?”, and Kelly bought his first horse!

One day while school children were here for their Equine-Assisted Learning session, their teacher, a race horse guy, had looked up his name and told us that he was the grandson of Sonny’s Halo, one of only two Canadian horses (Northern Dancer and Sunny’s Halo) to win the Kentucky Derby. Sunny’s Halo won in 1983. That was fun to learn. And if you Google Sonny’s Halo, you’ll see they are almost identical.

Mystic was first to welcome him. In fact, I think she thought “I’m keeping this handsome guy for myself!” For 3 weeks she stuck close by Mr. Sirocco as the rest of the herd decided if he was a keeper. And he was!

With our visitors he is gentle, sociable, respectful, and careful. In the herd he is rambunctious and loves to stir up play with fellow herd mates Navarro and Legolas. Mystic can still put him in his place. From a young race horse born in Florida, to saddle horse on the Saskatchewan prairie, and an uncertain history in between, he is an example of resilience and adaptability. We’re so grateful he landed here! Thank you Kelly Painter for sponsoring his care.

JB's Story

JB, one of our client, wrote a poem for Mr. Sirocco...

Feeling  torn  today. Red Horse, whose name is actually Mr. Sirocco, may leave today to return to his original owner. He is contained right now in our small paddock and has had his morning feed bowl along with the other horses who are on the other side of the fence. He chose not to load on the trailer yesterday, and we didn’t pressure him. When I put him back in the paddock, he did a jump for joy. Into the hands of the Universe he goes.

Red Horse Wisdom – Nov. 19, 2017

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.

”Thank you Mr. Sirocco. I loved meeting and caring for you. You are an incredible horse. Wise, gentle, respectful, independent, and strong. I wish you a good and gentle life. May you be treated kindly and with love and respect. May all your needs be met…for friendship, nutrition, comfort, and care. You are always welcome here. Come back if it is meant to be. Kelly will provide you with wonderful care if it is to be. I loved being in your presence. Grace and strength combined. Our hearts will be forever linked.

You didn’t leave without a fight. You expressed your displeasure as best as you could. You were dignified and brave, solid and careful. You took care of your young and inexperienced rider, but gave him a taste of your power and presence. I am sure he won’t forget you either and the thrill of your power and speed. The horses didn’t call to you as you left. You didn’t call to them. They didn’t race down the fence line to follow you as you rode down the driveway. Red Horse Wisdom…all horse wisdom. The mystery of the equine connection to our hearts. So much love here.


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