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Navarro is our handsome, gentle, and playful senior. At 24, this beautiful boy is one of the eldest members of our herd, next to Merlin who you will meet another day.

It wasn’t easy finding pictures of Navarro by himself. He is always together with his younger (22), full brother, Legolas, or his best buddy Mr. Sirrocco.

Navarro and Legolas arrived in the fall of 2022, adopted from Judith Graile of Parkland Ranch. They were raised together, along with their sister.

Lovely Navarro is an ideal addition to our Equine-Facilitated Wellness team. He’s had a lot of experience and gentle handling during his time at the gorgeous Parkland Ranch in Manitoba, where they hosted hundreds of guests and visitors. They came to enjoy nature, quiet trail rides on the land bordering Riding Mountain National Park, horse agility on a “horse playground” and to learn about gentle horsemanship and to understand the language of the horse.

Navarro is friendly, sensitive, and loves to socialize. He is curious, kind, and intelligent. As he has been with us at Ravenheart for just a little more than a year, we are looking forward to giving him more opportunities to share his sweet nature with our guests.


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